[ Spectrum Healers ]
Spiritual leaders, visionaries, and healers

Dr. Don Estes

[Harmonic Laws]

Tarun Raj

[Vibration Science & Spirituality]

Jesse Gawlik

[Ancient Alchemy]

Jason Magoon

[Social Wellness]

Katie Kell

[Chakra Cleansing Meditation]

Luna Jae

[Inner Child Activation]

Andy Kovalsky

[Unlock Your Power]

Sekani Thomas

[Heartbeats of the World]

Robin Piper

[Expressive Arts Therapy]

Shannon Gawlik

[Yoga & Meditation]

Amy & Stephen

[Gratitude in Every Breath]

Stephan Van Halsema

[Gratitude Breath Ceremony]

Nora Donovan

[Plant Medicine ]

Dr. Cassie Dominach

[Healing with Chinese Medicine]

Mashi Cohen

[Immersive Yoga & Dance]

Niv Levi

[Dragon & Contact Flow]

Somayeh Sabery

[Somaticah ]

The ToddFather

[Pranic Purification Journey]

Wendy & Ronnie

[Psychedelic Exploration]


[Therapeutic Acroyoga]

Dominick Cole

[Yoga for Self Empowerment ]

Jenn Richardson

[Mixed Yoga Arts]

Britney Moonchild

[Compassionate Parenting]

Ellie Polsky

[Breathwork Jewelry]

Nicolette Natrin

[Chakra Education]

Raven Shamballa

[Chakra Education]

Gillian Probert

[Henna Tatoo]

Ian Iversen

[Awareness of Nature & Meditation]

Brian Manjarres

[Community, Crystal Grids, and Plant Medicine]

River Skydancer

[Ayahuasca Frequency Journey]

Jantz Monroe

[Law of One]

Sarah Lane

[Blissful Breathing]

SAndreas Bodywork

[Vibrational Sound Therapy]

Amy Ma

[Invisible Schooling]

Zarah Martin

[Reiki Energy Healing]

Najah A. Salaam

[Acupuncture Therapy]

Kelly Schott

[BodyMind Connection]

Brandon Campbell

[Embracing The Light]

Buddy Ouchakof

[Meditative Sound Journey]

Mikaela Valentino

[Mexicana Medicina Cacao]

Draya Love

[Energetic Unpacking]

Maeva Arnold

[Polynesian Dancing]

Little Wolf

[Native Flute]