Robin Piper

Expressive Arts Therapy
Expressive Arts Therapy

Robin Piper – Expressive Arts Therapy, Creative Flow States, & Eco Art

About Robin Piper

Robin Piper was to be born into a family full of artists and as a result, Piper has had the privilege to be supported in a life full of creativity and self-expression.

Art, psychology, and ecology have always been Piper’s main passions in life! Although these fields appear to be on opposite sides of the social spectrum, he has found that focusing on emotional expressiveness, and social and environmental advocacy through art, acts as the prism that blends these seemingly divergent subjects into one bright universal healing modality.

Piper sees art as a visual language that has the communicative power to collectively connect, direct, inspire, entice, emote, promote, feel and heal. Every form of art has a different voice, tone, and visual grammar, which is why Piper has tried to learn as many art forms as possible. Everything from murals to mosaics, aerosol to airbrush, art therapy to circus theatrics, glassblowing to ceramics, dancing to drumming, painting to poetry, and drawing to digital designs! He loves to use his visual voice to create, advocate and inspire others to heal through the full range of expressive modalities!

Mirroring His vast spectrum of artistic interest, Piper’s professional life is equally diverse. For over 25 years he has cultivated and mastered a variety of artistic professional fields; from fine art gallery exhibits and live art on stage to professional graphic design and published illustration work. Piper a true Renaissance man working as a stilt-walking acrobatic art show performer, an expressive arts therapist, a gallery/venue manager, and art teacher/professor. He combines his fine art skills with his therapeutic compassion and theatric showmanship to entertain, inspire, heal, teach, and captivate his audiences, clients, students and patrons. These multifaceted multidisciplinary skills span across the full artistic spectrum yet are focused through Piper as a prism into a single life’s vision of expressing, growing, and healing humanity and the planet through art.


Masters in community-based multicultural social justice counseling therapy. Experienced art therapist. Professional artist, muralist, graphic designer, and art teacher. Circus performer.