Luna Jae

Inner Child Activation
Emotional Release, Inner Child Activation, Lightwork
Lightwork, Freeform Dance Expression

Luna Jae – Reuniting with your Inner Child

Mindshare Season 1 Episode 1

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About Luna Jae

Luna Jae takes an active stand against expectation-based living. She channels her emotional release practices to represent Freedom, Radical Authenticity and Inner Child expression. Whether she’s dancing with Light or facilitating through an emotional release workshop, her ultimate intention is to be a reflection of your own Inner Child within you. 

Luna’s emotional release work includes guided movement, dance, catharsis, somatic release, kundalini activation, journaling and meditation. Her teachings are intended to activate the suppressed, stagnant energy that lies within you so that you can experience what it feels like to have more emotional freedom in your life. 

The ultimate journey through this work is to discover the harmony within both your darkness and your light. Both polarities are your life teachers and one cannot be whole without the other. 

Get ready for a wild, magical, vulnerable and heart-opening rollercoaster ride inward. It’s time that you embrace the truth, beauty and radiance of ALL that you are.