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About sAndreas

I grew up in Houston, Texas and moved to sunny San Diego in the middle of the pandemic. I have been reading tarot for four years now and I have just recently been incorporating light language activations into the reading. I am a Reiki level 3 practitioner and mostly incorporate that into the light language.

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Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce is a Master of Voice and Corporate Presentation Coach who finds and liberates the authentic power and presence in the world’s most extraordinary people.


As a Master of Voice, Stewart has a reputation for his holistic training of the Actor, within renowned Actor Training Centers throughout the World, – Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy between 1980-1997, assisting the pioneering of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010, as well as consulting on Broadway and in the West End. Stewart has coached world acclaimed actors such as Oscar winning Eddie Redmayne and Mark Rylance, Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville of “Downton Abbey”, Simon Callow CBE, Vanessa Redgrave, Michelle Williams, Minnie Driver, Gwendoline Christie. Stewart also develops iconic presence for luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dame Anita Roddick, Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlem, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

In the corporate sphere, he is the “go to” Mentor for Presentation Coaching with senior iconic business people and organisations. Corporations where he has developed leaders and chief executives include Giorgio Armani, L`Oreal, BT, BBC, ITN, Qatar Holdings, World News, McKinsey & Co, Merrill Lynch, WPP, UBS, Nat West, Vidal Sassoon, Redken and McKenzie Boston and The British Government and the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC Bid.

Stewart Pearce is the author of several acclaimed books about the human voice and it’s power for personal development and healing. In addition, he has recorded six award winning sonic meditation albums. Stewart’s work is regularly featured in the global press, and he is sought after for private Mentorship, and Master Classes throughout the world.

Stewart Pearce’s great passion is to assist extraordinarily talented individuals to change the world, whilst finding and embodying their soul’s note and signature style, which brings magnetic presence to the work. In this work Stewart helps people find great joy, authenticity and clarity of purpose in their work and personal lives.

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Brian Manjarres

Mindshare S1E6 – You Are The one Who You’ve Been Waiting For

About Dr. Brian a.k.a PASSION

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Ian Iversen

Ian Iversen – Awareness of Nature

Ian’s offerings

About Ian Iversen

Ian has been teaching about herbalism, wild plants, and meditation for over 15 years. He spent most of his upbringing as an athlete, eventually running distance races semi-pro. Ian converted all his focus later on into learning about wild botanicals and meditative states.

Skills & Certifications

Herbalist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Wild Plant Guide, Certified Reiki “level 3”, Gardening Consultant, Men’s Empowerment, Legal Awareness and Empowerment, Sidereal Astrologer, Certified Nutritional Health Coach, EMF Consultant

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Wendy & Ronnie

Mindshare S1E7 – Reincarnation, Spirituality, and Psychedelic Exploration

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Amy & Stephen

Amy & Stephan’s offerings

Amy Ma & Stephan Van Halsema – Gratitude Breathe Ceremony

About Amy Ma

Breath is life. All is vibration. The ancients knew this.

We, Amy and Stephan, have shared our breaths and heartbeat embracing our life of play and adventures to the fullest together. It’s time to share our love and healing modalities with the world. Let this sacred union of yourself dive into a deep healing experience and rediscover your divine gifts. The healing power of the breath is amplified in a group. The more brave souls show up, the better. Let’s unite through our breath and our heart. Remember, we are the medicine. ?

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Robin Piper

Robin Piper – Expressive Arts Therapy, Creative Flow States, & Eco Art

About Robin Piper

Robin Piper was to be born into a family full of artists and as a result, Piper has had the privilege to be supported in a life full of creativity and self-expression.

Art, psychology, and ecology have always been Piper’s main passions in life! Although these fields appear to be on opposite sides of the social spectrum, he has found that focusing on emotional expressiveness, and social and environmental advocacy through art, acts as the prism that blends these seemingly divergent subjects into one bright universal healing modality.

Piper sees art as a visual language that has the communicative power to collectively connect, direct, inspire, entice, emote, promote, feel and heal. Every form of art has a different voice, tone, and visual grammar, which is why Piper has tried to learn as many art forms as possible. Everything from murals to mosaics, aerosol to airbrush, art therapy to circus theatrics, glassblowing to ceramics, dancing to drumming, painting to poetry, and drawing to digital designs! He loves to use his visual voice to create, advocate and inspire others to heal through the full range of expressive modalities!

Mirroring His vast spectrum of artistic interest, Piper’s professional life is equally diverse. For over 25 years he has cultivated and mastered a variety of artistic professional fields; from fine art gallery exhibits and live art on stage to professional graphic design and published illustration work. Piper a true Renaissance man working as a stilt-walking acrobatic art show performer, an expressive arts therapist, a gallery/venue manager, and art teacher/professor. He combines his fine art skills with his therapeutic compassion and theatric showmanship to entertain, inspire, heal, teach, and captivate his audiences, clients, students and patrons. These multifaceted multidisciplinary skills span across the full artistic spectrum yet are focused through Piper as a prism into a single life’s vision of expressing, growing, and healing humanity and the planet through art.


Masters in community-based multicultural social justice counseling therapy. Experienced art therapist. Professional artist, muralist, graphic designer, and art teacher. Circus performer.

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Sekani Thomas

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Andy Kovalsky

Personal Information

Anna assumed the role of Chief Product Officer in July 2017 and leads the product team, which designs, builds and optimizes the Netflix experience. Previously, Anna was International Development Officer for Netflix, responsible for the global partnerships with consumer electronics.

Prior to joining Netflix in 2008, Anna was senior vice president of consumer electronics products for Macrovision Solutions Corp. (later renamed to Rovi Corporation) and previously held positions at digital entertainment software provider, Mediabolic Inc., Red Hat Network, the provider of Linux and Open Source technology, and online vendor Wine.


Contact Me

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    Luna Jae

    Luna Jae – Reuniting with your Inner Child

    Mindshare Season 1 Episode 1

    Luna’s Offerings

    About Luna Jae

    Luna Jae takes an active stand against expectation-based living. She channels her emotional release practices to represent Freedom, Radical Authenticity and Inner Child expression. Whether she’s dancing with Light or facilitating through an emotional release workshop, her ultimate intention is to be a reflection of your own Inner Child within you. 

    Luna’s emotional release work includes guided movement, dance, catharsis, somatic release, kundalini activation, journaling and meditation. Her teachings are intended to activate the suppressed, stagnant energy that lies within you so that you can experience what it feels like to have more emotional freedom in your life. 

    The ultimate journey through this work is to discover the harmony within both your darkness and your light. Both polarities are your life teachers and one cannot be whole without the other. 

    Get ready for a wild, magical, vulnerable and heart-opening rollercoaster ride inward. It’s time that you embrace the truth, beauty and radiance of ALL that you are.