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Weekly Mindshare

Join live zoom call with an enlightened community of spiritual leaders, healers, and visionaries.

[Tues. Oct. 12th @ 7:11pm]

Jesse Gawlik

Four Sacred Pillars

[Wed. Oct. 13th @ 7:11pm]

Jason Magoon

Social Wellness
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Everything in Divine Time

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Tuesday, Sept. 28

Andy Kovalsky

Finding Your Purpose

Wednesday, Sept 29


Katie Kell

Chakra Meditation & Tarot

Sekani Thomas

Djembe & Music

Stewart Pearce

Master of Voice & Angelic Emissary

Robin Piper

Expressive Art Therapy

Wendy & Ronnie Barry

Psychedelic Exploration

Dr. Brian Manjarres MD

You Are Who You Are Waiting For

Amy + Stephan

Gratitude in Every Breath

Thalia Longchamp

Importance of Divine Partnerships

Ian Iversen

Awareness of Nature

Luna Jae

Reuniting Your Inner Child